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Cause Marketing Internships

Start a Career in Digital Marketing today. We offer PAID Marketing Internships in 90 Days!

Our cause marketing internship is a chance to join company with unlimited career advancement opportunities for anyone with a desire to work together to use advertising as a force for good. Our digital media brings funding to nonprofits through businesses advertising on WeThinkItMatters®. Start a Marketing Career where you can feel good about the work your doing, join our Team!

WTIM.co cause-integrated marketing campign platform

PAID Cause Marketing Internship

During the marketing internship one of the responsibilities is helping to share about our Cause-Integrated Marketing Platform and it’s benefits for business, non-profits, Planet, and people. During our marketing internship you would receive a 10%
commission on any sales generated from your leads. And .10% of your total sales
volume in Stock at the end of the 90 day internship.

So if you introduce a business that sponsored a $10,000 campaign, you would get a $1,000 commission during the marketing internship. And after finishing the 90 day internship you would get 10 Shares of WeThinkItMatters Inc. Stock.

WeThinkItMatters cause-integrated marketing campaign dollar split