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CSR Communications & Cause-integrated Marketing Campaigns

We create cause marketing campaigns that help businesses Communicate CSR and Make a Difference in Our Communities

Elevate your marketing to the next level of ROI. Our cause-integrated marketing campaigns bring positive attention to your brand, 3X times the engagement, and raise funding for charities sustainably.

WTIM.co cause-integrated marketing campign platform

Cause-integrated Advertising has huge Potential to create more money for nonprofits with Money businesses are Spending on advertising each year

WeThinkItMatters Cause-Integrated Marketing Campaigns have MORE +IMPACT for all Stakeholders

Every dollar spent advertising on WeThinkItMatters® has positive impact on charities and the people engaged in WTIM campaigns. Our cause marketing campaigns offer companies a better Return On Investment from their marketing dollars by tripling their engagement and bottom line ROI through cause sponsorship.

WeThinkItMatters cause-integrated marketing campaign dollar split

Cause Integration

60% of every dollar a business spends on a WeThinkItMatters® campaign goes to charities for guaranteed +Impact & +ROI

Engaging CSR

For Members taking action on WTIM it offers multiple levels of  rewards for businesses, non-profits, people, and planet

Social ROI

Positive news about the results of WeThinkItMatters® campaigns creates conversations that have a lasting +impression

Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable business practices, and Cause Based Marketing is on the Rise!

Sustainable Advertising Model for Maximum ROI

Not all marketing impressions are created equal. No matter what they tell you, +Positive News is always better!

  • Be part of uplifting stories
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Improve communities
  • Make a difference in people’s lives
cause integrated marketing web app for SDGs

CSR Marketing Campaigns offer ROI + Results that Improve Communities and Lives

“91 percent of global consumers believe companies should do more than just make a profit, they also should work to address social and environmental issues” Cone Communications Global CSR Study

Want more positive media and social engagement?

Want more positive impact from your advertising dollars?

Want more positive ROI from the results of your marketing?

WeThinkItMatters Inc cause marketing agency elevates marketing results